duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013

Create Great Avatar Image For YM, MSN or Facebook

In the shortest time posible i will make you the perfect avatar, in manga style, in order to use it on yahoo messenger, MSN, facebook or whereever you want to. This is what you should use from now on to show of your friends. In order to create the best avatar, i`ll need the best photo that you can deliver, this way in less than 48 hours you`ll have your manga face. PS: keep in mind this: you can become my reseller. just think about it! put my gig on other sites on what price you want, usually at least 3 times the price of this gig, and when you have an order come and buy from me. simple right? PPS: take your time and collect my gig. you'll never know when you`ll need this. thx :)

Go here in order to get yourself a water effect image of yourself or your friends. If you liked my vid please rate and share. Thanks!

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