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Sketch Drawing

Sketch drawing is something made in a very short time and sometimes instantly by artists to keep for further use. It gives some reference about the object to be worked on in the future. It`s possible that sketches are not exactly accurate all the time or looks with respect to the original object. At times it can be debated that it is an inappropriate way to show the ideas by an artist.

Sketch drawing is a very common drawing done by many artists of all age. An artist can draw instant sketches if he finds anything that attracts his eye. This instant sketch will help an artist in the creation of final drawing of the same object. Sketch drawings are generally created by pen, pencil, charcoal, clay, watercolour, etc.

Usually an artist never uses the eraser while creating sketches. But as an exception he can use an eraser for removing extra lines from the sketch drawing. An artist should have special paper for a sketch drawing. The quality of sketch paper depends on the surface. Some artist draws sketches on the canvas too. Colours are used very rarely while creating sketches by the artists.

You can find many sketches done by famous artists in painting exhibitions held at various places. If you want to learn how to create sketches, then you can find many books to learn this art very easily. In the era of computer technology, you can create an accurate sketch on the screen using advanced software.

Many magazines and newspaper have a special segment of cartoon sketches as a source of entertainment for people, which may be based on various subjects like sports, politics, etc. Sketches are very useful in the investigation of criminal cases. Nowadays, there is a surprisingly new trend wherein sketches are created using original pictures. This provides evidence for the popularity that art of sketching has gained nowadays.

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