vineri, 15 februarie 2013

[2013 NEW] Get Now The Perfect Intro Video Perfect For Business Promotion In Less Than 72 Hours

In 72 hours maximum i can create an amazing intro video, just perfect for your need of a sweet promotion for your products, services, business and/or website. You know by now for sure, that video marketing is one of the most powerful methods of promotion. Buy my video gig NOW and i promise you will get more leads and sales. This is a 1 minute intro video, where you must provide me texts as follows NO MORE than 50 characters per row, including spaces, for the Small texts, and MAXIMUM 40 characters for the Big texts. If you need a video longer than 1 minute see extras. I can provide up to 3 minutes videos. I can change the music background of the video if you want me to. Just provide it and that`s fine, or else i will use the one in this gig. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Excellent Customer Service. Limited time offer: buy 3, get 1 free. Take a look at my other video gigs for other templates. PS: I usually sell this service on other sites for $15-$30 but you can get it right here for only $5. PPS: Please take your time and collect my gig, you might need my services later. I usually deliver all my videos in under 24 hours (!!!), or 72 hours max. Buy my gig NOW!

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