duminică, 3 februarie 2013

[GET Now] An eye-catching intro video just perfect for your business in less that 3 days

I can deliver an awesome intro video for your business with thirteen customizable slides, 1-2 slides with your main presentation, and 11 slides with images with short description on top or bottom of your pictures. This will be an up to a minute intro video. I can change the music in this video if you want me to. Provide it in the rar archive and it`s done. Before you order my gig please take measures to give me all the infos. That`s IMPORTANT! I need pictures, music and text (MAXIMUM! 50 characters) and instructions, all in a rar archive if possible, if not separate. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Great customer service. Limited time offer: BUY 3, GET 1 Free. Please also take a look at my other video gigs. I can make a intro with different video templates. See extra for more on this. Thanks! PS: I usually sell this service on other sites for $15-$30 but you can get it on fiverr for only $5. Buy it now and you can get this in under 24 hours, or maximum 72 hours. PPS: take your time and rate and review my gig. Get this video here

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