marți, 20 august 2013

Create a COMPELLING Video to Achieve Success in a Short Matter of Time

In less than 2 days i will create an awesome intro video, up to 1 minute (or up to 2 minutes - see extras) for your site, with up to 16/32 slides, fully customizable, with pictures, texts, or pictures and texts for the STANDARD version. Every line of text must have MAXIMUM 50 characters (including spaces). For the UPGRADED version (see extras - 1 or 2 minutes) i will need from you 4 parts of small videos (UP TO 10 SECONDS PER SMALL VID) that will be inserted in the main vid. I will also insert 5 slides with texts or pictures (with or without texts on them). The video will be delivered in AVI format. If you want another format please tell me from the start. I can create your video in: WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, MP3, MKV, FLV, compatible for Apple | Sony | Xbox | Samsung | Android | Blu-Ray | Nokia | BlackBerry + SWF | HTML5. The background music is just for exemplification, so i can use it or not. If you will not provide different music i will use the one on my presentation. Take your time and collect my gig. You might need my services later... if not now :) 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get this video from this place


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