marți, 20 august 2013

Make You an AWESOME Intro Video With a Futuristic Style to IMPRESS Site Visitors

In less than 3 days i will create an awesome intro video, with texts, pictures and/or little vids: * STANDARD VERSION: Up to 1 minute (13 slides), or up to 2 minutes (26 slides) - see EXTRAS, fully customizable slides, with just pictures, just texts, or pictures with texts on them. Maximum 50 characters per every line of text (spaces included). * UPGRADED VERSION: I can create 1 or 2 minutes of video - see EXTRAS. I will need from you the parts of small videos (maximum 10 seconds per vid) that will be inserted in the main vid. I can insert up to 4 pieces of videos with or without their original background sound (ON or OFF). You will have other 5 slides of texts and pictures, or just texts, or just pictures. Maximum 50 characters per every line of text (spaces included).
The background music is just for exemplification, so i can use it or not. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. All my previous clients were satisfied with my work, i`m a level 2 seller and have a rating of 100%. I will do whatever it`s possible to make you a satisfied (returning) customer also.

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